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For decades, traditional orthodontics has been the go-to treatment for straightening crooked teeth. Most often, orthodontics isn’t mentioned or talked about until a child has at least some permanent teeth. What if there was a way to straighten your child’s crooked teeth without the need for any type of traditional orthodontic treatment? That very goal is possible thanks to the Myobrace® treatment system, which uses a series of removable intra-oral appliances to address the underlying issues that cause crooked teeth as they emerge.

Dr. Brian Devine, a licensed Myobrace® provider in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills, is proud to offer this pre-orthodontic service.


What is Myobrace®, and how does it work?

The Myobrace® System uses specially designed oral appliances suitable for children as young as three years old, to achieve the following:

  • Correct poor oral habits
  • Develop and properly align the jaws
  • Straighten teeth
  • Optimize facial development
  • Improve overall health
  • Promote healthy eating habits

The goals of the Myobrace® System include:

  • Facilitate nasal breathing
  • Encourage proper oral rest posture
  • Encourage correct swallowing patterns
  • Keeps lips together

Myobrace® addresses the root problems that cause crooked teeth and is appropriate for children, even before their adult teeth erupt. Traditional orthodontic treatment cannot begin until permanent teeth have erupted in the mouth. By then, overall health and development already may have been negatively impacted due to the alignment of the bite or poor oral habits that developed. This often results in orthodontic relapse later in life, as well as the development of many health-related problems, such as obstructive sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorder.

The Myobrace® System encourages jawbone growth, palatal expansion, proper oral posture, and creates room in the mouth for the permanent teeth to erupt in proper alignment.

There are four stages of Myobrace® treatment

  1. Habit correction- This phase is to correct any negative oral habits that formed before treatment. Regular breathing through the nose helps your child attain optimum oral rest posture, with lips together, teeth closed, and the tongue resting gently against the roof of the mouth. Correcting breathing and rest oral posture will help address and alter any other negative oral habits.
  2. Arch development- When the Myobrace® oral appliance is worn as prescribed, it widens the dental arches to promote jaw development. This creates enough room to accommodate proper space for permanent teeth as they emerge—while also allowing enough space for the tongue to rest properly along the roof of the mouth.
  3. Dental alignment- This stage takes place when the last of the permanent teeth erupt. Myobrace® for Teens can be prescribed to ensure permanent teeth erupt in the ideal alignment. However, orthodontics may still be needed to achieve final results, although length of treatment may be shortened, thanks to Myobrace®.
  4. Retention- This is more of a monitoring stage, to ensure that the positive oral habits that have been established will continue. The retention phase often eliminates the need to wear a permanent retainer or wire behind the teeth.

The Myobrace® System consists of wearing a series of removable intra-oral appliances. The appliances are worn for a couple of hours each day and while sleeping. However, patient compliance and cooperation will determine the length of treatment.

Who could benefit from Myobrace®?

The treatment applications of Myobrace® go far beyond just orthodontics.

Myobrace® is ideal in the following situations:

  • To address an airway dysfunction
  • To correct reverse swallowing
  • To correct mouth breathing
  • As a method of treating temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMJ disorder or TMD)
  • To correct any negative oral habits, including tongue thrust and thumb sucking
  • To stimulate jaw development
  • To help correct any alignment issues with the bite and/or jaws
  • To straighten crooked teeth
  • To improve or optimize facial development
  • To improve both oral health and overall wellness
  • Encouraging proper nutritional habits

A successful course of Myobrace® yields the following positive outcomes for a child:

  • Breathing regularly through the nose, as intended by nature
  • Achieving ideal oral rest posture
  • Correcting improper swallowing patterns
  • Straightens teeth
  • Encourage jawbone growth and palatal expansion

The importance of early treatment

By the time all permanent teeth have erupted, your child already may have suffered irreversible consequences related to their teeth alignment and jaw development. These consequences could even impact their overall health and development. This is due to the formation of negative oral habits, such as breathing through the mouth. These negative oral habits can affect the way your child eats and swallows, hinder their speech development, alter the development of the face and jaws, and affect the alignment of their teeth.

What to expect from a Myobrace® provider

  1. The consultation- The entire process starts with a consultation with Dr. Devine at TMJ and Airway Associates of Nashville. At this consultation, he will review your child’s dental history and ask questions concerning any negative oral habits that your child may have, such as long-term pacifier use, tongue thrust, mouth breathing, open mouth when chewing, or snoring. This appointment helps both you and your child understand the entire treatment process.
  2. Taking records- X-rays and other records will be taken. These records may include photographs, X-rays, and videos depicting the teeth, face, and current oral rest posture. These models will be used to compose a treatment plan, identifying the current stages of tooth eruption and jaw development.
  3. Case presentation- Once the treatment plan is finished, Dr. Devine will have you return for a follow-up appointment and present the recommended treatment, and discuss any existing issues that may complicate treatment. This is a crucial stage, and a great chance for you to ask any questions about Myobrace®, as treatment should not commence until the entire process is fully understood.
  4. Appliance therapy- From there, your child receives their first Myobrace® appliance. These removable appliances exert light force on an intermittent basis to re-train the muscles of the orofacial system, correcting existing negative habits and any issues with development, while also preventing future problems from emerging. Your child should return for regular check-ups for progress monitoring, and to receive new appliances when needed.

Myobrace® treatment may last about as long as braces to complete. However, each patient is different. Your child’s length of treatment will depend on their specific orthodontic need, as well as their compliance with treatment.

The advantages of Myobrace®

  • Minimally invasive – The oral appliances are found to be comfortable to wear, and do not interfere with your child’s ability to eat or brush and floss their teeth.
  • Convenience – Not only are the intra-oral appliances removable, but they just need to be worn for 1-2 hours per day and while sleeping.
  • Comfort – Each intra-oral appliance is made of flexible silicone. There shouldn’t be any pain during treatment, aside from a small degree of sensitivity during the initial few days of wearing a new oral appliance.
  • Safety – There have been no reported side effects associated with Myobrace® treatment.
  • Affordable – The cost of the Myobrace® System may vary, depending on the length of treatment for your child, but overall, the cost is nearly half that of traditional orthodontics.
  • Lasting results – Data from the American Journal of Orthodontics found that 90 percent of all orthodontic patients experienced relapse after retainers were removed. However, since Myobrace® targets the underlying causes of crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, the likelihood of relapse is reduced significantly.

How will I know if my child could benefit from Myobrace®?

Malocclusion (crooked teeth) is more common than you might think. In fact, two scientific studies conducted in Europe found that some degree of orthodontic concern was widespread in the adolescent population. Examining samples of adolescents in Italy and Colombia, researchers found that more than 75 percent of the sample population had some level of malocclusion. That adds up to more than three out of every four children who could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Generally speaking, you should consider Myobrace® for your child if they have any degree of dental misalignment or hindered jaw development. The ideal range to begin treatment is between the ages of six and 10, although Myobrace® may be effective during adolescence or adulthood as well.

Is Myobrace® available for adults?

Yes! Intra-removable appliances are available for patients of all ages—young children, kids, adolescents, and adults. No matter which stage of life, these appliances are made to the same standards and from the same high-quality materials, making sure to guide or improve the alignment of teeth.

Adults often consider Myobrace® because they never had orthodontic treatment as a teen, or they experienced orthodontic relapse years after their braces were removed.

Does Myobrace® work?

Multiple research studies have indicated the value of early interceptive treatment to improve the habits that impact facial development and lead to crooked teeth. Myobrace® has been proven successful, assuming the patient complies with the course of treatment and wears and maintains the oral appliances as they should.

Myobrace® in Nashville

Only licensed providers can offer Myobrace®. Dr. Brian Devine has completed the necessary training, and he’s proud to be a licensed Myobrace® provider in Nashville. Enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the possibility of needing braces. To learn more about Myobrace® and its advantages, contact the office of TMJ and Airway Associates of Nashville to schedule a consultation by calling (615) 329-1854.

TMJ and Airway Associates of Nashville proudly serve the Middle Tennessee communities of Belle Meade and Green Hills.

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