Habit Correction

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Thumb sucking. Tongue thrust. Mouth breathing.

What do all of these have in common? They’re all habits that often develop unconsciously, but can have significant negative consequences on your child’s oral health. That’s why habit correction is usually the first, immediate goal at TMJ and Airway Associates of Nashville. Learn more about Myobrace® and how it could be the right fit for your child.

The First Stage of Myobrace® Treatment

habit correction

How do these habits form? They may develop because of how you breathe, jaw development or alignment problems, or because of a restricted frenum like a tongue- or lip-tie that limits the tongue and lip’s range of motion. Myobrace® not only corrects these habits but also does so in a minimally invasive manner, reducing the potential need for traditional orthodontics later in life. The Myobrace® system’s removable oral appliances only need to be worn for an hour or two each day, and also while sleeping.

These habits are eliminated, in large part, by finding the ideal oral posture while at rest. This means that, when you are not eating or speaking, your orofacial system should be at rest with the teeth closed, lips together, and the tongue resting comfortably against the upper palate.

What to Expect During the Habit Correction Stage

The first two weeks of Myobrace® treatment focus on getting your child accustomed to wearing their oral appliance—ideally for at least one hour per day. Wearing Myobrace® overnight could be a significant adjustment, but consistency is the key. Your child may unknowingly remove their intra-oral appliance during sleep. This is normal and may occasionally occur in the beginning stage of treatment.

How to Get Your Child to Wear Their Appliance

We get it; you might feel like trying to get your child to wear their appliance is harder than convincing them to clean their room. But, here are some tips on how to get your child to comply with treatment. Each family has their own unique rules, so find one of these suggestions that work best for your child.

Myobrace® can be worn while:

  • Completing homework
  • Doing chores
  • Playing a game
  • Reading (or being read to)
  • Using a learning device
  • Playing video games
  • Watching TV

Some kids will respond better to treatment if they are distracted during the hour or two per day that they are required to wear it. The key is keeping your child busy with something that distracts them from thinking about their appliance. The time will pass by quicker than they realize!

Caring For the Myobrace® Appliance

Make sure your child is not chewing on their Myobrace® device, as this will damage the appliance. The appliance should be cleaned after each use. Simply use a mild, fragrance-free soap, and avoid using harsh abrasives as this could damage the appliance. Also, avoid soaking the appliance in hot water. Always store the appliance in the container provided by your dentist. Ensure that the appliance is completely dry before placing it in the storage case.

What Happens Next?

After the acclimation process is over, your child may be prescribed exercises to perform in conjunction with wearing Myobrace®. These exercises are similar to myofunctional therapy. They are simple, should be relatively painless, and can be completed in a matter of minutes. We will work with your child to devise a specific plan that their needs.

A typical regimen consists of three exercises, which are added one at a time at two-week intervals. Each exercise should be performed for about two minutes per day. Each patient is different, but generally speaking, a course of therapy with these exercises lasts 3-6 months.

After at least three months in the habit correction stage, we will see your child back for an assessment and determine the appropriate start of the next treatment stage, which consists of the arch development phase, followed by dental alignment phase.

Myobrace® for Kids in Nashville

Myobrace® is just one of the unique services that Dr. Brian Devine now provides to Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville. Find out more by calling (615) 329-1854 to schedule your consultation today.

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